2017 The Year of the Mobile! 

In 2017, the SMB (Small to Medium Businesses) will be dominating the mobile app workspace. Its anticipated that 50% of small businesses will be adhering to mobile apps. 

  • Location Based Services (LBS) will be able to offer consumers immediate/real time deals based on their locations alone. 
  • Googles new technology will allow apps to run instantly when they are needed—no downloading, no installing. Simply search, have your app turn up and do its job, then move on. Instant apps are the perfect solution for a quick mobile experience.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) apps has become more common within the development community. AI features can provide algorithms that help track habits, shopping and behaviors. Imagine a personal shopper and trainer all in one! 
  • As more gadgets, household necessities, and “things” continue to connect to the internet, more apps are needed to control them remotely. IoT in 2017 will contribute substantially to mobile’s success.
  • Mobile Security is a top priority for Developers. The more apps that combine mobile purses and wallets will further expose Developers and consumers alike. As such, Developers are making enhanced security features their top priority. 
  • Mobile App revenues are expected to exceed $70+ Billion in 2017. The numbers for mobile speak for themselves. It’s predicted that in 2017, there will be over 260 million apps downloaded; and those downloads will translate to over $70 Billion in revenue for businesses. Keep in mind; that revenue is not just generated strictly by the app’s download. Apps are marketing tools and that means that the revenue is coming not as a result of what the app does but how the app helps to market what your business does.