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We are currently seeking

  • Mobile App Sales and Developers (experience with iOS/Android applications/HTML)

  • Web Developers: Full Stack/LAMP Stack Adobe's Dreamweaver CS5 WYSIWYG editor; (supports PHP-based CMSes such as Drupal, WordPress and Joomla, and enables developers to create websites using HTML 5).

  • User experience designers (UX, UXD, UED or XD) HTML/CSS

  • Adobe Graphic Artist (Experience with Website build out such as SquaredSpace and WordPress Themes & 3rd Party applications) 

  • Java/Lead Developer

Programming and Frameworks

1) Java/ PHP programming

2) Spring Framework

3) Hibernate - Object Relational Mapping (ORM) in a Spring Framework

4) Simple database experience - know about relational databases some sql - any of mysql, msql, postgresql experience is sufficient.


Required Development Tools Experience

1) Integrated Development Environment (IDE)  eclipse - Developing java web applications for deployment on Tomcat server

2) Distributed Version control systems - like GIT or Mercurial


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